Condition & Valuation

Perform a complete inspection of the vessel to determine the overall current condition of the vessel and the Fair Market Value (FMV) of the vessel. Our inspection and research will include the following:

  • Thorough internal and external inspection of the vessel, the vessel’s compartments, superstructure, engine room, deck area, and wheelhouse
  • Conduct a short interview with Captain or owner to obtain recent pertinent information on the vessel
  • Review of vessel documents issued by Class, Flag, and/or other governing bodies (ie USCG)
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurements of the hull and/or the internals
  • Determine a replacement value for the vessel. Calculate a Fair Market Value (FMV) employing the cost and market approach. Both methods will be detailed in the final report to allow for complete transparency


Finally the product of our infield inspection and research is a professional written report which will include a description of the vessel, findings, recommendations, pictures, CAD drawings, UT data, and details on how the FMV was calculated.