Non Destructive Testing

Ultrasonic thickness (UT) measurements are used to determine the extent of corrosion or diminution to the plating of the hull and internal framing of vessel. AB Marine only uses multi echo machines that are annually serviced and calibrated. All surveyors hold up to date certifications and are knowledgeable in vessel construction. We are approved by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Lloyd’s Register as external specialists in the Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Method of NDT. An extensive report with computer-aided design (CAD) drawings and pictures will be provided to show the location of the reading(s) and the extent of the corrosion to the vessel in these areas where the measurements were taken.


Liquid Penetrant (LP) testing is used to detect and locate discontinuities in materials, typically steel or aluminum in the marine application. It is good marine precautionary practice to have deck gear welds such as kevels and double bitts tested. Our report will show the location of all discontinuities employing pictures to help show the extent of the discontinuities. The report will also have recommendations if the discontinuities should be repaired/back gouged and rewelded.


Magnetic Particle (MP) testing is used for detecting discontinuities in ferromagnetic (strongly attracted by a magnet) parts again typically steel or aluminum in Marine applications. The survey will reveal surface and slightly sub-surface discontinuities in the material. Reporting will evaluate the indication in a written report with pictures. The report will also have recommendation(s) whether the indication needs to be repaired or crop and renewed.