Cargo and Trip in Tow Survey

The scope of work is always defined by the principal retaining our services but it is recommended that the following be conducted:

  • Pre loading and lashing plans are discussed and created with the cargo owner, stevedores, and tower.
  • Surveyor on site will ensure that the cargo is loaded as per the loading plan and secured as per the lashing plan provided.
  • The surveyor may inspect the barge to confirm it is in a suitable condition for the cargo and the voyage.
  • The Surveyor will inspect the crew of the tug, the tug, and the towing gear to ensure that the navigational officers have the appropriate licenses, the vessel is in suitable condition and has the necessary current documents required for its employment, and the towing gear is suitable for the loaded displacement of the barge and the intended route.
  • The surveyor will research the weather for the intended route and discuss it with the navigational officers of the towing vessel along with any other restrictions that may be applicable.